Institutional Products has the ability to serve a wide-ranging and diverse customer base including pharmaceutical laboratories, healthcare and research facilities, government institutions, and university and educational facilities. Institutional Products can assist with all of your laboratory casework and equipment needs including:

Steel Lab Casework
Wood Lab Casework
Stainless Steel Lab Casework
Plastic Laminate Lab Casework
Adaptable Lab Furniture Systems
Mobile Lab Furniture Systems
Energy Efficient Fume Hoods
Lab Fixtures and Accessories
Epoxy Resin, Phenolic Resin, Stainless Steel, and Chemical Resistant Plastic Laminate Work Surfaces

Institutional Products would welcome the opportunity to assist with design, layout, code compliance, budgeting and product information for your laboratory facility.

Completed projects include:

Volcano Vista High School Phase 1 Albuquerque, NM
Mayfield High School Las Cruces, NM
Cuba High School Cuba, NM
Ruidoso Middle School - Ruidoso, NM
Sierra Providence Hospital El Paso, TX
Chaparral High School - Chaparral, NM